HeaderImage-AboutUsMy wife Michelle and I serve as co-founders of Healing Thine Hearts Ministries, a non-profit (501c3) organization. We are ordained ministers and certified belief therapists. We’ve seen the pain of divorce in society as well as in the church. It is totally destructive, prevalent in our society, and seems to be growing daily. We believe that committed, married relationships offer the greatest opportunities for fulfilling the purpose of the Great Commission. We also believe that striving to succeed at that commitment is deeply meaningful and even joyous – but it’s a process. Hence, our interest in helping couples is vital. Our Motto- “Building Stronger Families by Strengthening Relationships,” is not just a slogan. It our ministries’ ultimate goal!

We also recognize that the problem with divorce often begins long before the wedding day. In this 21st Century, individuals often bring a number of misnomers into their relationships that are carried into marriages and eventually lead to disruption and divorce. Our efforts are focused on settling within each person their true identity in Christ. Clarifying the fact that they are not branded by their marital status but are flawless in God’s eyes in their individuality and should enjoy and take advantage of their current status, whether married or single. As Paul said, “I wish that you were as I, unmarried…”

Michelle and I have both experienced the dreadful rigors of divorce. We have personal knowledge of the wounds caused by families being torn apart. Through God’s love and compassionate teaching, we have discovered that there is life after divorce. Better yet, life can be more than you could ever imagine.

Imagine a society with no need for divorce recovery classes. Imagine what would happen if divorce within the church was non-existent. That is our goal. A hearty goal, yes. Impossible, no. We focus on the church first because we are called to be the “salt of the earth”, and “the light on a hill.” If we, the church, can’t get it right, how can we show others?

We believe the church’s foundational existence is the family. The family’s foundation is the husband and wife. This is where our ministry exists. Equipping men and women to be the husbands and wives God intended. We have seen what God can do in some of the worst conditions. We have seen divorced couples reconciled, we’ve seen God change the hearts and minds of those totally convinced that hope is lost.

Success, happiness and joy in a marriage is possible!

In His Service,

Pastors Cedric & Michelle White