About Healing Thine Hearts


Cedric & Michelle White have dedicated their lives to the success of today’s family and helping to heal the hearts of those hurt from misguided relationships.  They are co-founders of Healing Thine Hearts (HTH).  The goal of HTH is to Build Better Families by Strengthening Relationships. This is accomplished by providing biblically applicable counseling, coaching, training and tools for men and women to foster healthier relationships with themselves and others. Thus, enabling these individuals/couples to survive the multiplicity of societal challenges faced today.   

For more than twenty years, Cedric and Michelle have served as Board Certified Belief Therapist & Relationship Counselors. They facilitate many programs aimed at achieving HTH’s specific goals of empowering and strengthening the family model by educating our community on the importance of true understanding of real relationships. They have collaborated with many organizations to assist in facilitation and organizing Relationship Retreats, Pre-Marital trainings, Marriage Mentor, PTSD Management training, and many other related ministry programs.

Currently, Healing Thine Hearts partners with the state of Texas in the “Together in Texas” program; a platform that provides free training to individuals & engaged couples with pre-marital relational enhancement and divorce prevention training. Healing Thine Hearts also assists Veterans and Military personnel by serving as facilitators and Counseling Partners in conjunction with the Texas Veterans Commission, Project Sanctuary & Marriage Management of Texas. HTH recently began partnering with the Nationally syndicated show and program Marriage Bootcamp to become the extended-care source for that organization.

Areas of Focus: Men | Women | Veterans & Veteran Families| 1st Responders | Blended Families | Youth | Marital & Premarital | Divorce Care | Group | Individual

Chi Smith, Wellness Care Counselor, offers both services and solutions, with her services. This is accomplished by aiding in manageable routines regarding existing conditions and build a long-lasting healthy lifestyle, according to God’s Divine Purpose. With Chi’s passion and goal to help the hurting people, the idea of creating the optimal daily routine, for everyday people is pure genius.

For 21 years, Chi Smith has devoted her time and energy to research, regarding people and medicine. With a degree in Medical Sociology, Smith focuses on health and wellness, as a resource for everyday people. To identify a person’s wellness based on their environment and daily routine is the hidden gem for Smith’s practice. Everyday people are looking for the right care to stay encouraged, inspired and motivated.

Areas of Focus: Blended Families | Women | Teens | Group & Individual | Health & Wellbeing

Roger Haley has been a Belief Therapist for the past 12 years. Roger Haley is the Volunteer Department Director for over 3,200 volunteers at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas. Roger has been under Bishop T.D. Jakes mentorship for the last 26 years and has been blessed from the wisdom and knowledge that Bishop has bestowed to him.

Roger has been married to his beautiful bride of 30, Yolanda and are the proud parents of one son, Jerome, a beautiful granddaughter, Haley, and a grandson, Emmanuel. Together, they oversee the Marriage Ministry at The Potter’s House called “Chosen & Committed”.

Areas of Focus: Marital | Pre & Post-Marital | Blended Families | Youth | Divorce Care | Veterans & Veteran Families | Drug Addiction Recovery

Wanda Ward, in the field of leadership, is a Leadership & Personal Development Coach. Ward is also a Certified Belief Therapist under Healing Thine Hearts. Wanda’s coaching style encompasses the WHOLE person (body | soul | spirit) This 3-prong approach has been successful in her practice when leading others.

As a Former Army Officer with a Masters in Organizational Management, Ward also brings 30 years in Leadership experience. Ward’s ultimate goal is to lead Leaders into understanding how to relationally engage their teams. Being relatable in various settings will advance any Leader in moving the needle forward, from average to accelerated; from accelerated to advanced.

Areas of Focus: Men | Women | Youth | Veterans & Veteran Families | Personal & Leadership Development