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Welcome to Healing Thine Hearts Ministries. We are a ministry established on biblical principles. Our purpose is to serve those who seek our counsel, with integrity and without judgment. We believe excellence is achievable but perfection belongs to God.


That said, we’ve all made mistakes and need help. (For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23) With basic biblical foundational truths, we will provide a constant and stable environment where we allow couples and singles to move toward healthier relationships and finally stronger families.


Our goal is to become leaders among counseling centers offering highly competent and professional services to the entire community, bringing value to individuals, strengthening families, and fortifying the body of Christ.

Cedric and Michelle White


Soul Ties & The Dysfunctional Family

(10 Credit Hours)

Time: 9am – 4pm CST
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LifeCORE Therapy Accredited Certification Training Program

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National Emergency Crisis Chaplain Training

Time: 8am – 5p CST
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Healing Thine Hearts is committed to provide a cost-effective approach to serving individuals, couples, families, Veterans, and First Responders to build healthy relationships and marriages. We offer scholarships! We never want individuals to go without help because of an inability to cover our services. As a result of your giving, we can offer our services at a reduced rate or for free. Funding for service scholarships is a tremendous benefit to a large number of people in our local community.

What Your Gift Can Do

  • A gift of $500 can subsidize six sessions of counseling. A donation at this level can equip a client with tools for battling depression, PTSD and other behaviors that may keep them from developing healthy relationships and a better quality of life.


  • A gift of $1000 subsidizes ten sessions to help parents in underserved communities learn healthy parenting skills.


  • A gift of $2,000 can subsidize twenty sessions of counseling for a family or a group dealing with a traumatic experience or life crisis.

The Latest from Healing Thine Hearts


WOW! What a Spotlight!

Last month, Cedric and Michelle White had the pleasure of being interviewed by our friends at 89.7 Way FM on the Community Spotlight. Bryan welcomed

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Speaking Topics: 

Forgiveness | Blended Families | Conflict Resolution | Divorce | Grief

Identity and Self Image | Veterans/1st Responders | Teens | A Custom Message