Pre-Marital Counseling

Before I will officiate a wedding, I require couples to have biblical premarital counseling. Premarital counseling helps the couple understand and plan for a marriage that will glorify God. It also helps the couple set reasonable expectations.

  1. It helps build a solid, biblical foundation for marriage. A lot of time is spent in Scripture looking at how biblical ideas apply to marriage.
  2. It helps couples begin a dialogue. Topics like communication, finances, sex and parenting need to be discussed before marriage.
  3. It points out areas of concern in the relationship. No relationship is perfect. Potential problems, conflict and struggles should be addressed.
  4. It preserves couples from temptation. Getting engaged can result in couples rationalizing premarital sex. Premarital sex and other temptations need to be discussed.
  5. It prepares couples for the marriage, and not just the wedding day. Couples can have a tendency to focus on the wedding day and not on the marriage.


An important part of premarital counseling is getting the couple to have serious conversations about their upcoming marriage. Marriages are filled with common problems that most couples experience, and each couple has certain strengths and weaknesses that require a certain approach.

Healing Thine Hearts offers premarital counseling that explores each person’s faith and history. It helps the couple examine personal convictions, expectations for their future and responsibilities they will have. We use assessments, tools, and exercises that will identify and uncover areas of positivity and areas that may need attention. More than anything, premarital counseling aims to produce a marriage that is biblical, God-honoring and sustainable.