Divorce Care

The area that is most delicate when it comes to relational counseling. Perhaps no topic is as tender and potentially controversial as divorce. Churches are experiencing alarming numbers of divorces among their memberships, thus weakening the very fabric of the church itself. Families are torn apart, many times leaving disillusioned and angry spouses, along with the bitterly painful reality of broken-hearted children. Friends are separated, churches even split over the topic and the sides that they choose to take. In order to understand how to address this issue in practical terms, we must first have a biblical understanding of divorce.

First, let’s note that the Bible both recognizes and thus provides regulation concerning divorce. It does not, under all circumstances, condemn divorce. However, because God’s intention for marriage is that it would display the covenant reality of Christ and His church, divorce becomes a tragedy of proportions far beyond that of its participants.

Because we understand the rigors and the pain caused by divorce, we take special care in trying to assist couples in the possible repair of their relationship even after making a decision for divorce. However difficult, many couples continue through to the divorce filings. We, at that time, will assist in individual care because regardless of the anger that might have caused the divorce, there is still the pain, hurt, and harm that needs to be healed.

Healing Thine Hearts will walk prayerfully and biblically with individuals dealing with the pain of divorce.