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Belief Therapy Counseling Certification

The Therapon Institute offers Biblical Counselor Certification based upon our exclusive faith-based therapeutic treatment model, Belief Therapy, not solely as an alternative to traditional treatment and recovery programs, but to help identify life-controlling problems and to process the deep spiritual recovery issues of hurting and healing people. Therapon Certification is recommended for any caring Christian desiring a full-time or part-time ministry helping hurting people (HHP) through the confusing maze of a wide range of recovery issues such as divorce, marriage counseling, grief, compulsive behavior, anger management, problematic thinking errors, emotional trauma, abuse, relapse prevention, and criminal recovery.


Welcome to Healing Thine Hearts Ministries.  We are a ministry established on biblical principles. Our purpose is to serve those who seek our counsel, with integrity and without judgment. We believe “Excellence” is achievable but “Perfection” belongs to God. That said, we’ve all made mistakes and need help. (For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God Romans 3:23) With basic biblical foundational truths, we will provide a constant and stable environment where we allow couples and singles to move toward healthier relationships and finally stronger families. Our goal is to become leaders among counseling centers offering highly competent and professional services to the entire community, bringing value to individuals, strengthening families, and fortifying the body of Christ.


Our Mission

The mission of Healing Thine Hearts Ministries (HTHM) is to restore and strengthen families by building healthier relationships through educational workshops and counseling on relationships and life skills. HTHM partners with community organizations and individuals dedicated to nurturing strong, safe, healthy marriages, relationships and families to change the community.


Our Services

  • Individual
  • Singles
  • Premarital
  • Married
  • Blended Family
  • Ministries Leadership Training
  • Therapy/Counseling Certification
  • Marriage Ministry Development